Note:The information in this article is from the demo shown during E3 2018. As such, it does not represent the full game and may change before launch.

At the beginning of a new game, players will encounter the tutorial which will teach players how to interact with objects. How to push, pull, turn, etc. When an imp get's close to an object it can possess, it gets 'excited' and quickly bounces up and down.  After the tutorial, player will reach the Hub World (similar to the Pod in Little Big World). 

The story mode consists of several sections that can each contain several levels. Each section can be played separately, but all the levels intertwine into an overall story arc. Each area has collectibles (prizes) to find. The story can be played in co-op or solo.

Tree House Remix

In this area players will interact with Foxy and Francis. Players will learn how to interact with the world around them. Spin flowers, interact and attack objects.

Weight of the Past

This level revolves around a prominent character of the campaign. He is a bass player named Art. At the beginning of the level, players will find Art sleeping in his bass case.

Thirsty Roots Part 1

This level is more sci-fi and features a small controllable robot.

Thirsty Roots cutscene

Thirsty Roots Part 2