Imp Quests are missions players can complete to earn experience and unlock items including sound files and Sculpts to be used in Dream Shaping.

Icon Name Description
Start Decorating Stamp 10 unique things into your homespace.
Start Dreaming 1
Dreaming Big
Learning Logic
Building Gameplay
Achieving Animation Complete 2 Animation tutorials
Creating Art Complete 2 Art Tutorials
Accomplishing Audio Complete 2 Audio tutorials
Polymath Complete 14 tutorials
Return to Sender Remix another Dreamer's creation and send them a copy
Stamp Collector Stamp down 125 elements in create mode
Potter Spend 1 hour and 30 minutes in sculpt mode
Making Some Noise Work on a sound in any view for 15 minutes
Bravo! Give a 👍 to 10 dreams you have played
I Have An Idea! Leave some feedback on someone else's content
Set Them Free Release your first element
You're a Contender Enter a community jam
Judges Panel Vote on a community jam
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