Gadgets are technical gizmos found in the Assembly Menu with inputs and outputs. Each gadget has a different purpose, and can allow you to either detect when a certain event in your scene is happening, or alter the way an object or character behaves. Use gadgets in conjunction with each other to create complex behaviour in your game scene.

Sensors & Input[edit | edit source]

Trigger Zone Tag Wireless Transmitter Wireless Receiver Controller Sensor Grab Sensor Movement Sensor Angle Sensor Rotation Sensor Laser Scope Impact Sensor Signal Generator Switch Value Slider

Logic & Processing[edit | edit source]

Randomiser Counter AND Gate OR Gate XOR Gate NOT Gate Selector Exclusive Gate Signal Manipulator Timer Calculator Microchip Node Splitter Combiner Variable Variable Modifier

Movers & Output[edit | edit source]

Gyroscope Mover Advanced Mover Follower Rotator Advanced Rotator Look At Rotator Rocket Rotator Teleporter Force Applier Emitter Destroyer Health Manager Health Modifier Text Displayer Dialogue Text Displayer Subtitle Displayer Number Displayer Rumbler

Gameplay Gear[edit | edit source]

CheckpointPrize BubbleDoorwayAuto GuideGlobal SettingsScoreScore ModifierBlank Puppet (Deluxe)Blank Puppet (Basic)Puppet Interface

Cameras & Lighting[edit | edit source]

CameraCamera PointerCamera ShakerLightFogSun & SkyGrade & EffectsWiperRuler

Connectors[edit | edit source]

Ball JointBoltMotor BoltPistonSliderStringElastic

Sound[edit | edit source]

SpeakerMaster MixerGeneral ChannelMusic ChannelVoice ChannelCharacter ChannelBackground ChannelGameplay Channel

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