Dream Shaping - game creation image1
Dream Shaping is the game creation option in the Dreams main menu. In this option player can create, remix, and curate their own stories, or those of other players.

Players can use items that other players have created and keep them in collections. These items can then be brought into the game creator and manipulated, sculpted, resized, and even recolored. Players can make their own items from scratch as well, molding and shaping them however they see fit. Creators can increase or decrease glow, shadows, and other lighting effects.

Anything created, can also be animated, wtih the in-depth animation tools. Players can set direction, distance, and timing. Create monsters, traps, and other obsticles and decide how they interact with the user playing the game. Add sounds from the game's collection or import

The tools

  • Search
  • Tools
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Move
    • Stretch
    • Clone
    • Delete
  • Modes
  • Animation
  • Components
    • Used in the Scene
    • Logic and Processing
    • Movers & Output
      • Force Applier
      • Health Modifier
    • Cameras & Lighting
  • Guides
  • (unknown)
  • Test
    • Playtest - Allows the player to stop the creation process and test the environment live
    • Reset
    • Run
  • Modes
    • Model Mode
      • Sculpt Tool
      • Shapes
    • Paint
    • Coat
    • Style
    • Effects
    • Sound
  • Animation
    • Keyframes
    • Timelines
    • Action Recorder - This allows the player to move objects and record them. They can then play it and simultaneously record more actions. For example, animating a left arm on a creature, then animating the right arm as the left is playing back, to get an animation of both moving at the same time.
    • Microphone - Allows the player to insert their own sounds to use in the animation.

  • Guides
      • Studio Lighting
  • Sound Mode
    • Stamp Tool
    • Move Tool
    • Draw Notes Tool
    • Perform Tool