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The Dreams Creator Alpha was found to be just old versions of the Dreams Beta. By reverting it to 1.00, it becomes Dreams Creator Alpha. The alpha builds are version 1.00-1.04, beta starts at 1.05. At the moment, the only versions that have been found have been 1.00, 1.01, 1.03, and supposedly 1.04, found by redakdal, but they have not posted any footage at the moment.

The builds we do not have are 1.02, and possibly 1.04, because again, redakdal has not shown footage, so it may be fake or a rumor.

The alpha is being heavily documented by me, WinXP812. More images will be added soon, courtesy of myself again. 1.02 and 1.04 can not be documented at this time, because I currently do not have it.

Found Cut Content At The Moment[edit | edit source]

There is some cut content in the game, some exclusive to certain versions.

  • Glue Tool: An alternative method of grouping. You connect two sculptures together, like a connector, and when connected, they group together. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Old Prize Bubble Effects: Prize Bubbles had different effects. they looked more like bubbles and had stars that float around and glitter. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Pick-Up Bubble: Another Prize Bubble that, when collected, goes into some kind of Imp Inventory, and can be taken out and stamped in the scene. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Stamp Enabler: Creates a zone that you can stamp objects in using the Pick-Up Bubble. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Homespaces Themes: There are multiple Homespace themes, in 1.00 and 1.01, there is two Homespace themes, a regular one, which looks like the final, but has a clock tower that brings you to Mm Presents (Art's Dream Demo), and an action Homespace theme, which is made up of blue hexagons in a white void. As for 1.03, there is a default one, which looks a little bit like the beta Homespace, a Mystery one which is based off the part in Art's Dream where you have to get into the club, a Dreams Gardens one, which is based off of, well, the Dreams Gardens from Art's Dream, a Meridian Forest theme, also based off Art's Dream, and an empty homespace, which has nothing but a blank platform and the clocktower. More accurate info about this will be added soon. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far, But Functionality Varies)
  • Stamping Your Own Creations In The Homespace: You could stamp your own creations in the Homespace. Functionality in versions differs though, in 1.00 and 1.01, you can stamp anything with no problem, but in 1.03, you need your creations to be saved online, which is impossible, since you cannot connect online in these builds. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far, But Functionality Varies)
  • Crude Reset Homespace Button Texture: The reset everything button is crudely drawn in 1.00. (1.00 Only)
  • Dream Stones: This is an old version of ImpQuests, has they're own icon. It hasn't been looked into too much, but it seems that they don't work, so they must be unfinished, broken, or disabled. (1.00 Only)
  • Photo Masks: Add a overlay to a photo. Some examples are a circle mask overlay, and an Art's Dream overlay. One can be seen on the cover page of the default puppet in the full game, either most likely left in by accident, or it isn't a mask. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Custom Sound Icons: you could give sounds and instruments icons, similar to how you can do this to microchips in the full game. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Spring Bolt: A spring bolt connector (possibly like LittleBigPlanet's spring bolt) was in the alpha.(This bullet point needs work.) (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Cut Fonts: Many cut fonts can be found and used in creation covers and text gadgets. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far
  • Imp Draw: You could draw with the Imp tip by using L2. Can also be seen in the Internal Alpha builds. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • Not Gate Name And Icon Changes: In all builds, the Not Gate has a different icon from the final, and in 1.00 only, it is called Not Gate in the gadgets, but when taken out, is named Inverter. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far, But Functionality Varies)
  • Unused/Removed/Ungiven Characters: In the most builds, there are many unused/removed/ungiven characters, such as Orange Guy, (found to be named Mlem in 1.01), a spacesuit variant of Mlem, the hammers from the 2-player hammer mini-game are usable, there is different default puppet in the alpha called Default Biped and can only be found in 1.00/1.01, a fox character found in a secret game in an old version of a scene (see next bullet point) two green enemy puppets for the Dream Gardens, called Meanie, and Mini-Meanie, and a flying drone like robot for Meridian Forest, that cannot be possessed. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far, But Functionality Varies)
  • Unblur: When scoping into a group, it blurs of course, but can be turned off. This was replaced by the visual feedback setting. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • VR Grab Sensor: A very early version of the look cursor sensor. Not much is known about this gadget, since all VR functionality has been either disabled, unfinished, removed, broken, or unadded in all versions found so far. (1.03 Only, As Far As We Know)
  • What's This?: A tool that tells you what a gadget does after selecting it. This can be achieved in the full game by hovering over a gadget for a few seconds. (1.03 Only, As Far As We Know)
  • Narrator Voice: The voice of the narrator sounds a bit like Victoria from LBP2, and also sounds like the female narrator in LBP2's Move Pack. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • There are multiple remixable templates for create mode demos, like the "Let's Create" scene that was shown off often in create mode demos. Some examples are, the just mentioned "Let's Create" scene, a desert scene, an empty scene that looks like the final game's Homespace, of which in this scene, Mlem (orange guy from can be found, and a space scene, where spacesuit Mlem can be found. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far)
  • When you go to the versions in "Let's Create", you can find a little hidden game scene in an old version, where you play as foxy, and you supposedly need to find 3 giant frogs to prevent the "Frogpocalypse". You can go into a cave, and in it, you can find a hidden fox character that hasn't been seen before. Images of that will be added soon. The scene hasn't been looked into much, but not saying it hasn't been looked at, at all, so there's probably a few small things that haven't been found, and if there is, again, it's most likely small. (1.03 Only, As Far As We Know)
  • Dreams Universe Creator Alpha TGS 2018 JPN Demo: A Japanese demo shows off TGS exclusive assets, and reveals that Spacesuit Mlem is called "Party Orange". This content is not accessible in the versions we have, but it looks like it was recorded in 1.03, but could have been 1.02 or 1.04 since we don't have those versions at the moment, and don't know what they look like and what content they have. (Japan Press (eternal))
  • PAX Invasion Content: Content found in a 2018 showcase in Pax. All content can be found in a collection including the mech and space character in 1.03, so that is most likely the build it took place in. (1.03 Only, As Far As We Know)
  • Mm Jam Content: Some Mm Jam content can be found in collections in most builds, such as a Gothic Jam collection. (All Alpha Versions Found So Far, But Functionality Varies)

Creator Alpha Exclusive DreamSurfing Content[edit | edit source]

  • Maintain Eye Contact: A game shown off at PSX(?) where you play as an eye through a funky song that advances the song to your progress.
  • Given Time: A text adventure about going to a party, and then going into the attic, and being killed by a monster in the attic, then starting at the party again in a Groundhog Day loop, but retaining your previous knowledge about what happened. It has been played through by myself, but the full game has not been documented as of yet, but will be soon.
  • Windy Glades: A 2D game about a character who can turn into a flying spirit to get over gaps. it is very short and one scene long.
  • Moon Raider Space Dogfight Simulation: A Star Fox inspired space dog-fighter. And yes, you can do a barrel roll.
  • Gateway/Searching: Two dreams about going through a dark forest as a little girl character with a flashlight that has spooky figures popping up in the scene. They're pretty much the same Dream, but with a different layout, so they've been grouped them into one bullet point.
  • Ferovium: A dream about playing as a spaceship that has to destroy 10(?) laser towers. Not much more to say to be honest.
  • Dr. Rendezvous: (NOTE: THIS DREAM HAS LITTLE DOCUMENTATION SO WHAT WILL BE SAID MAY BE INACCURATE) A game about a satellite(?) making it's way towards a space station(?). It had a difficult control scheme, so I was unable to get far into the dream.
  • I felt like a: A strange short music video about a woman unsure if she was awake or asleep during something, while holding and shaking some singing plants.
  • (1.01 EXCLUSIVE) Performance Puppets: The E3 Performance puppets are playable here, and have many actions.
  • (1.01 EXCLUSIVE) Big Button Example Dreams: 3,4, or 5 dreams called "Big Button Example #" that are empty in the dream itself, but oddly, have early Art's Dream thumbnails.
  • (1.00/1.01 EXCLUSIVE(?) Please check this when 1.02 is available.)

Creator Alpha Art's Dream Demos[edit | edit source]

Mm Presents (1.00/1.01)[edit | edit source]

  • Arts Dream was quite different and short, meant for a demo
  • Art sounds more like Seb in the alpha, and Laila has a completely different design (1.00/1.01)
  • The Dream Gardens has a nice calm guitar song instead of the final's silly, funny upbeat song
  • There is a Art's Dream themed Photo Mask with the old Laila design.
  • In the scene where ROOT-R's heart falls out, there are two D-Bugs as if you were playing in 2-Player, most likely left in by accident.
  • Frances and Foxy have WAY more vocal noises then usual, and mouth animation along with it.
  • Frances has a charged hammer attack, and Foxy can use his discs with both R2(? possibly R1) and Square.
  • There are about 5 or 6 scenes in total.

Mm Demo Content (1.03)[edit | edit source]

  • Very D-Bug focused, doesn't have a single scene that isn't.
  • In the scene where ROOT-R's heart falls out, Art speaks for the only time in this demo. He has a different voice from the previous demo, he sounds like he has an Australian or Texas accent, but it's hard to tell since he only has one line.
  • There are about 5 or 6 scenes in total.

Bugs Found So Far[edit | edit source]

  • Photo mode doesn't pause time.
  • Tutorials have a chance to freeze the game after leaving. (1.01)
  • When clicking on the profile button in the menu, it has a somewhat high chance of crashing the game. (1.03)
  • In 1.00, every time you start the application, you have to delete the save data. If you don't, you are met with a black void, with nothing but your Imp and the Dreams Creator Alpha watermark. (1.00)
  • When you go into the genealogy of Mm Presents, it gets extremely bright. This is because of how you enter the dream; through a bright Art's Dream themed doorway. (1.00 And Possibly 1.01(?) Please check this.)

Miscellaneous Minor Info[edit | edit source]

  • Archie looks different and has smaller eyes, and is brown. Final is purple.
  • Patch notes in an old version of the 2P hammer mini game that talk about removing a plant that makes balls ping out of the map, and apologizes to Steve Big Guns, saying "sorry steve, easiest fix was to delete". Images of that will be added soon.
  • Old version of Please Hug Me starts with a camera zoom in.
  • Mandogy has supposedly stated that there is VR demo content in 1.01, though, there it either isn't there, or hasn't been found yet by myself.

Photos, Videos, And Links[edit | edit source]

1.00's Default Homespace.

1.03's Homespace, named "Default Hub Cosmos".

More images and other things will be added soon, but even if more are added, the first, and most important link is right below this message.

The different categories in the create menu in the Creator Alpha.

All Creator Alpha footage, from 1.00/1.01/1.03, courtesy of WinXP812Dreams Creator Alpha TGS 2018 Panel (JPN)

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